Warhammer 40,000: The Doom of Stars

Blood and Rain on Kessen
The Acolytes Narrowly Wrest their Prize from the Clutches of the Foe

Four Inquisitorial Acolytes, Mithras, Xandius Feyd, Larcen Baines, and Quint Northwood, were tasked by Inquisitor Adair Antaius via his factor Content Not Found: Voss with acquiring an ancient Data Ark suspected to hold information on the Cult of the Byzant. They arrived on the feudal backwater of Kessen amid a bloody, ongoing civil war and made their way to the swamp-town of Harrow.

There they had infiltrated the town when another Acolyte, ostensibly there to reinforce them and give them a new directive, swept into town and nearly blew their cover. He was promptly killed, but it got the Acolytes imprisoned in hanging gibbets beneath the city.

They were helped by a local criminal named Content Not Found: Sascha_, who aided them in escaping in exchange for a promise of safe passage off-world. She and her partner, _Content Not Found: Thorn, led them on a long, surreal march through the marshes where the locals fought with blade and musket in the fetid bogs.

On returning to Harrow, they found their way into Sascha’s sanctum and bartered heavily to gain the access necessary to obtain entrance into Content Not Found: Prince-Olrankan keep at the center of town.


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